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[Jul. 22nd, 2007|11:26 am]
Everything Domestic!


[mood |mellowmellow]

I have masses of photographs without envelopes. They got too old and damaged and had to be thrown out. I'm planning on sorting through them all at some stage and trying to organize them.

But I'd like to find an efficient, attractive way of doing so without using albums.

I'd like to have two categories for them, the good photos and the bad. So I'll need to double up on storage.

I'm also thinking about what the best way to organize the negatives would be.

Suggestions welcome.

PS: I'm always keen to make new friends, so feel free to add me if you wish.

[User Picture]From: angels_sin_616
2008-09-28 10:15 pm (UTC)

about the negatives and a fun suggestion

The best way to store negative would be in negative sleeves. you can find them in craft or art stores. That way, the don't scratch and you can always get reprints if you lose a photo. I usually store them either in a special book with the theme of them (i.e. "1st birthday," "Beach Trip '07") or I put them in an archive box.

As for organizing your photos, I would probably recommend more archive boxes. my grandmother had lots of photo she liked to show off at home, so for her birthday we made her a huge collage. We made one with all the grand and great-grand kids and one with all the holidays. She loved it. maybe you could do that.

hope these are helpful. :)
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