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All Things Domestic!

Everything Domestic!
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This community is for anyone (man or woman, home or apartment dweller) to discuss everything domestic! Topics include: cooking, cleaning, saving money, getting rid of clutter, pets, health, decorating, organizing, entertaining, and every other helpful hints and tips around the house! However, posts relating to sex (try vaginapagina or sextips) or email (particularly gmail invites) are not welcome in this community.


1) Stay on topic. If your post is off-topic, it may be deleted.
2) Please use subject lines on your posts! It’s a lot easier to organize memories that way.
3) Large pictures (and/or more than one picture) and long posts / recipes should be placed behind a lj-cut.
4) Anything that may be considered "gross", "TMI" (too much information), or "NWS" (not work safe) should be put behind a lj-cut and labeled appropriately.
5) There will be no off-topic advertisments, auctions, or community promoting. There are communites specifically for these purposes. If you are unsure about posting something, please email the moderator and ask.
6) Show respect and tolerance for all members, no matter what their beliefs, sexuality, lifestyle choices, etc. Inappropriate behavior is not welcome here.

*If you do not know how to create a lj-cut, please visit this page for instructions.

Created and maintained by notactingmyage. Please feel free to contact me at DomesticsLJ@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.